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Although creating this blog was less than fun… I kept an open mind and positive attitude when creating it! The problem started when none of the free templates seemed aesthetically appealing to me. Not to mention they rarely let you customize them and I kept getting called a “cheater” for trying to customize my page! I still have NO idea why… My drafts would randomly delete without my permission, tags and pages would randomly be under a different folders, and pictures NEVER showed up where I wanted them too. #frustrating!

Finally, I figured out how to customize some of the colors of my blog, but still every time I tried to edit something it would bring me to a preview of my blog! WHAT?! There are too many editing options that are not available when using WordPress for free. To reduce confusion and complication they should just eliminate them all together.

I thought coming up with a concept for my blog would be the difficult part, little did I know they type of confusing website I was working with. I will be trying to use the app on my phone so see if that makes it any easier… However, now I am actually very excited about researching the content for my blog, but less than thrilled to have to actually use WordPress to publish the content. Speaking of content, I am going to need to use my holistic stress reducing methods just to relax myself after working on this! I am excited to explore and research more about the benefits of healthy living in order to develop my and abilities as a “blogger” as well as my knowledge of holistic living.

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8 thoughts on “Creation

    1. I know! It was so frustrating! Just when I thought I was almost done… lol! Thanks for the support! I’m excited to continue learning and cant wait to see more on your page as well!


  1. Love the idea for your blog! I’m so into this type of stuff, and will definitely be checking yours out when you start to post. I also think the font/color/logo choice definitely goes with the overall theme of your whole blog. I struggled with the same things when I was setting up my blog, but I was so relieved when I finally got it.


  2. Hey girl! Love your blog. I’m all about eating healthy and exercising and yoga so your blog is right up my alley. I can agree trying to figure out the blog was so confusing but you managed to do an awesome job with it. I like the color you chose for the background and the fruit and veggies look appealing to the eye. I will definitely be checking out your blog in the future 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! You’re blog is definitely something I am interested in as well! Can’t wait to see them with more content and personality! Best of luck to you in further developing your blog!


  3. Hey! Your page has an interesting concept behind it although I do like my share of unwholesome habits. The WordPress app is pretty convenient but the computer is way better to use. Your blog came out really nice and it is so easy to navigate who would have thought you had all of those issues? Good luck with this!


  4. Simplicity can be an effective form of capturing an audience since it is not overwhelming and it is easier to follow when reading. I also think your three words, “holistic, healthy, happy” is a great way to stick a tag line to your audience as it allows the audience to remember your sight and the content that you are providing. As related to the design and overall feel I definitely think that with small additions with a refined boarder and some more images you’ll still be able to retain the authenticity of your blog yet with added flare. Great work!

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    1. Thanks! Do you know how to add borders and other fine details? I am definitely still learning and exploring WordPress and any tips are appreciated! Can’t wait to see more from your blog!


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