Who has time to be Healthy?

What is healthy?– A lot of people think “healthy” is a generic term. They think “If I eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water, I wont have any healthy issues”… Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some people that eat kale everyday may have endless medical issues, while some people that eat McDonald’s every day may have better blood pressure than you. How unfair?!

I like to think of the word “healthy” as more of a personal feeling rather than a strict definition. Being healthy can make different people feel different ways. But ultimately the goal of “being healthy” is to make your body, mind and spirit feel better.

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So many people think… well I don’t have time to meal prep or workout everyday. I don’t have time to be healthy. WRONG! There is always time for you! Your body is the temple in which all of your actions are executed through. You find time for school work and homework. You find time for your friends, family and social lives. You find time to go out to eat or to the movies. But when are you finding time to focus on yourself?! It is okay to say “no” sometimes. But the one thing you should never say no to…. is yourself! Simply saying you “don’t have time” is NOT a good excuse any more!

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With these easy tips you are on your way to living a healthier lifestyle without much effort at all

  1. Start small!
    • Try and focus on making one change per week. Do not get overwhelmed or angry if you are not successful for the first days. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, but starting small is the best way to stay on track.
  2. Drink Water.
    • How easy is that? Just by carrying around a water bottle and drinking at least 64 oz you are already on your way to feeling better! Water helps blood and oxygen flow from your body to your brain, causing you to feel more energized and alert! (Water has so many amazing benefits, so there will be more on water later)
  3. Pack your own healthy snacks or lunch.
    • Bringing your own lunch not only saves you lots of money, but eliminates the desires and cravings you get as you stand in front of that large menu trying to decide what to get. Its a win-win! If you don’t have time to make a whole lunch, grab a piece of fruit to snack on.
  4. Stretch as soon as you wake up
    • Not only does it get your blood flowing again after laying down all night, but it pumps oxygen to your brain making it even easier to wake up. Stretching will leave you feeling more awake and focused right off the bat!
  5. Replace one unhealthy snack food with a fruit or vegetable.
    • I know that bag of chips looks good…. but sometimes we forget that an apple is just as quick to grab as a snickers bar. If we can focus on making one smart choice a day, these choices will become easier and easier to make.
  6. Go to bed 1 hour earlier.
    • How great does that sound!? Getting to bed earlier will allow you to wake up earlier and will increase your productivity throughout the day.

Tip: Remember, being healthy is not a temporary thing. It is a lifestyle that you should want to carry with you forever. Do not dwell on the small stuff, and do not give up because you forgot to pack your lunch one day. It will be hard when you first start, but every day is a new day to start making healthy choices! Everyone has time to create a better version of themselves! You can do it!

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