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I have had very little experience in Photoshop/Pixlr until now. However, I really enjoyed this project of using Pixlr to create a new header! It took me a while to get used to it, but once I had the basic functions down, I found it pretty simple to create my image and I will definitely be using this program in the future.

My blog is about healthy habits and the choices that YOU make. And I wanted to express that in my header, so I started my first background layer with with a basic “diverging paths” image that I found on Google.

diverging path

Then, I needed to find something with both healthy and unhealthy foods. So I searched just that on Google and found the PERFECT image to be my next layer.junk vs healthy

By using the Lasso tools I was able to select all of the white around the hearts and delete it. Then, I used the lasso tool and eraser tool to delete the words. I was able to write my own text for the sign, by using the text tool. I ran into a problem when I could not rotate the text to fit inside the sign. So, I searched how to do it on Youtube! I figured out that I needed to “rasterize” my text layer…. HUH?!

Side note- Definition of Rasterizing: converting into pixels that can be displayed on a screen (

OHH! Ok! So, after “rasterizing” the text layer I was able to use the “free transform” function to rotate and resize each text box to my liking.

Finally, I used a silhouette to prove that YOU have the power to make your own choices when it comes to making healthy or unhealthy decisions. So I found this image on Google and again used the lasso tool to eliminate the white background.


After re-sizing everything and erasing any left over marks, I merged all the the images together to make one solid header image! AND…… Drum Roll Please!drum roll


TA-DA! My first ever successfully photoshopped image!yourchoice

I am very happy with the final outcome, and it only took me a little over an hour to complete. (Although I thought it might take all day!) One reason I never experienced Photoshop was because of how expensive the most well-known “Adobe Photoshop” is. I was never that curious as to pay upwards of $600 to edit a photo. So I was very surprised that such a user-friendly photoshop site existed for FREE! How awesome is that?! Now since this image only used the very basic functions of Pixlr, I am excited to make my next photoshop creation and continue exploring all of the functions of this awesome and free photoshopping site!


10 thoughts on “Pixlr Header

  1. I really like how the images you selected to use tie into the philosophy of your site, specifically the silhouette. It seems like for a lot of us it took about an hour to complete (luckily) and ended up being really fun. So far I haven’t seen anyone say they knew about Pixlr- how crazy is that?! To think that this free software that’s virtually a Photoshop clone existed all of this time and none of us knew! Definitely glad I get to save 600 bucks!


  2. The header for your site fits in perfectly with your theme! Just by looking at it, anyone could know exactly what your blog is about. I love the edition of the silhouette and I did something similar with my Pixlr creation. I also give you props for taking it a step further and combining three images instead of two!


  3. I loved how yours turned out! It’s easy to understand what your blog will be about, the edit is clean and makes sense. I’m glad you found an editing program that’s free and makes you excited to work with 😀 It’s also cool how you’ve learned some of the new vocabulary as well, which is definitely how we slowly learn to adjust to using the program. Best of luck for future edits!

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  4. Your blog turned out excellent! Its so easy to tell what it is about and presents the content in an exciting way. I like how you made a side note of the definition, very educational towards beginners learning to use the program.

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  5. Glad you had such smooth first experience! It’s not like that for most haha. Props to you. Your header looks great, though. It will literally make people want to keep reading your blog because I can almost bet they chose the “Healthy”, and maybe part of their first step along that trail is scrolling down! LOL. I would keep playing around with the software and see what more you can do for the future. GL!

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  6. Hey! I think your header is super creative. It definitely gives a great idea of what your blog is all about, and the images are really great too! The picture has a lot of different features, and isn’t just a basic image. I like how it makes it about the fact that there are different ways to live by, and it’s your choice. I feel like the picture didn’t even need words, but even so, it still came out great. I will definitely be reading into your blog in the future. To be honest, you were one of the only people that had a positive experience with this photo editing stuff, so you must be very patient. I was totally confused, but you seem to have it down. Nice job!


    1. Thank you so much! I had only ever worked with photoshop once in high school, so it took a little while to get back into it. Like I said, Google and Youtube were life savers! It is so nice to hear that the message of my blog is portrayed through this image! I hope you continue to use and explore Pixlr because it really does offer some great features and functions!


  7. You got to stop this. This is fantastic! I love the work you have done with the header with the unhealthy and healthy heart shape designs. Even you additional images and gifs that you incorporate into your writing makes your blog so easy and enjoyable to read. Do you think you will have consistently new headers maybe month to month? Something that changes depending on the types of food you want to talk about and our is common topic among people. Great Job!


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