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UPDATE: Blog Commercial

Let me start with saying, I think it is really funny to record and listen to myself on the computer. The quality is not the best, and I think I spoke a little too fast, but I didn’t want it to be too slow. I think it took me the longest to figure out how to record my own voice directly into Garageband. After I was finally able to (awkwardly) record myself, I added the music that I converted from YouTube to mp3. That was the easy part! It took me WAY longer to figure out how to adjust the volume of each individual “track” and the buttons alone took me awhile to get the hang of.

The next biggest challenge came within uploading the final track to SoundCloud. Which I still haven’t been able to do! After several different attempts; going through GoogleDocs, SoundCloud, iTunes etc, I ran out of patience. Every time I got it somewhere to listen to, there would be no sound! It did open in iTunes one time, but I have no idea how to share it from there! So for now, the blog post will have to do without the commercial because I STILL cannot figure it out! HELP!


Anyway, until I get that all figured out…. here’s the songs I mashed together and a picture of the audio in GarageBand because that is all I can figure out how to do… lol!

I wanted to open with a relaxing meditation song because it fits the theme of my next blog post! I found Ascension’s- Uplifting Meditation Music on YouTube a few weeks ago when looking for a way to clear my head during finals. I will literally sit in the library and listen to this before class or an exam! Try it out for yourself. (More on the endless benefits of Meditation in my later post).

I used Hailee Steinfeld’s song Love Myself because of the self-love and positive body image messages it promotes. I chose to end it on an even more uplifting and inspiring note of: Take time for yourself! Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

All in all, this project was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed working with GarageBand and only found specific tasks to be unnecessarily difficult! Hopefully I can share the commercial soon! Thank you all for your patience and any help would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: With much thanks to joheneps I am finally able to present you with my blogs commercial! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Blog Commercial

  1. Hey Mel! I also had trouble figuring out how to export the file because it doesn’t outright scream, “Export to mp3.” I just clicked everything until something workd.

    You’ll got to the Share menu at the top of GarageBand, hit “Export Podcast to Disk” (their secret way of saying “export to mp3”). The default setting is “AAC Encoder,” but you can change that to “MP3 Encoder” and save it wherever you want to and export (it should take a little less than a minute).

    Then open up SoundCloud (or GoogleDrive) and it should be ready to upload there as long as you select the right file. To get it onto WordPress, you’ll hit “Share” for SoundCloud, “Embed” when the module comes up, and tick off the “WordPress Code” box next to the code they provide. It won’t show up automatically once you paste it to WordPress, but if you click preview it should show up like that.

    Hope this helps & good luck!!!

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    1. Ahhhh, Thank you so much!!! Those were the easiest instructions to follow and I had absolutely no problem figuring it out. I would have never thought to click “Export to Disk” but now that I think about it… that would have made the most sense. Anyway, thanks again for the awesome directions!


  2. Hey Melissa! Great job on your commercial! I struggled with this assignment too so you’re not alone. I liked how your commercial went from calm meditation music to something more upbeat. As for a suggestion, try making the background music more quiet while you talk but other than that you did a good job! 🙂


  3. Melissa! Very soothing introduction and was free flowing throughout the whole commercial. I like the fact that you have a purpose and give great detail about the details that go into living a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, your closing remark was simple and well put with out going into more music which I enjoyed. Keep it flowing, I look forward to your future posts!


  4. Hi Melissa. I think your track came out excellent. The transition is extremely smooth, and your voice flows well over the relaxing music. I had a similar experience with Garageband, but in the end it worked out after viewing some tutorial videos. Your blog is phenomenal, keep up the informative posts!


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