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A Thing about Jing: Screencasting

I am not one to normally follow blogs, but I stumbled upon Lauren Conrad’s and I knew I wanted to review her blog because of the many similarities I saw compared to my own blog. Her blog has to do with all the things females like! From getting fit and healthy meals to make up, books and even DIY crafts. I really loved the lay out and theme of her blog. It was super easy to navigate and follow and had all of the things I was interested in! So, after a long week/end of being sick and not wanting to torture you all with my raspy voice, I was finally able to do my screen casting assignment.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.46.17 PM.png
LC’s Blog

Screencasting itself was not that difficult… Although, I found it difficult to come up with what I was going to say right on the spot. I didn’t have a script or anything so it took me a few tries to get it right. I would say I spent a total of 30-45 minutes on this assignment which is nothing compared to some of the previous assignments. Although my voice is not completely back yet, I do think the sound quality is lacking a bit with Jing (Like I sounded much better through Garage Band though…lol) Audio quality aside, I love Jing as an application itself. I loved how quick it was to download, and how the tutorial opened immediately. Even thought I feel like I could have done it without the tutorial, it definitely helped to know what was going on right from the start. I also love the little sun-shine thing that is always in the corner. Jing makes is super convenient to use it at any time. It took me a few tries to realize how the screen selection worked, but once I got it I was ready to roll!

Jing is certainly a useful tool for many occasions. I know I will be keeping this application to use in the future. It is more professional than just sending a screenshot from your Mac, which not all computers even do. I think it would be especially useful if you need to explain anything computer related to someone (like my dad or grandparents). My dad is just starting to get the hang of turning the computer on… so this will definitely be useful to show him how to navigate it, rather than me having to do simply Google searches for him! (Oh yeah… he can barely even Google).

While I wish Jing had a better way to edit the audio after you have recorded it, I think as long as you have an idea of what you want to say it should work pretty well! And the simplicity of it cannot be beat!

So, here is my screen cast of Lauren Conrad’s blog! Enjoy!!

**I wanted to provide an update because this file took me SO long to figure out how to upload. Originally the file said it was saved to, but I had NO idea where to find it. I tried saving it to different files, with a different name, with different extensions… nothing worked! I was so frustrated so I decided to re-save it to screencast and try again. To my surprise, a whole new world was opened before my eyes!

new world

Finally, I saw the little progress bar saying it was uploading to screencast. Once the website opened and I found my file it was really easy to upload! Don’t know why I couldn’t find that in the first place! Lol. But either way, it is here now! And now I know how to upload a Jing! YAY!

3 thoughts on “A Thing about Jing: Screencasting

  1. I like that you reviewed a blog that is relatable to yours so that you can adopt bits and pieces from her blog to yours. I also agree that Jing is NOT user-friendly in that it doesn’t allow you to edit the audio of the recording. I was trying to use my roommates DSLR mic-attachment, but the Jing software would only let me use my laptop’s built-in mic so I was leaning over my keyboard the entire time I was recording my screencast lol. Overall, great job on your screencast and look forward to more!


  2. I think you make a good point by acknowledging the fact that it did take some time to get use to using the screencast software due to not knowing what to say on the spot. I think that was the challenging aspect where it was almost as though you had to script what you wanted to say about the blog you were reviewing. Listening to your screencast, it was nice to see how easy you went through her site and the fact it was also well designed in her image. Overall great job! This is a nice software to use when it comes to explaining difficult subjects to others along with the whole navigation process that is involved.


  3. Your screencast came out awesome girl! Your voice sounds great and calming not jumbled and all over the place. I have been a fan of LC since Laguna Beach and loved that you talked about her blog. lol I also thinks its a great idea to edit your blog post on this assignment because it shows that you needed to do a little extra work and came back to finish the assignment which is awesome. Great job!


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