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Ah, the ever so shameful self-promotion! It is always awkward to promote something as you are just getting started because it is hard for other people to see what you have planned. While you may think your blog is headed for greatness, when you start to promote it, it may look…. Sub-par with a lack of focus or direction. Similar to many of my classmates I would feel awkward promoting my own blog on my own social media pages and therefore need YOUR help in promoting WholesomeHabits! Personally, my favorite social media is Instagram because I think pictures really do say 1000 words. Especially because my blog is primarily visual, it is important to promote it appropriately. With my past experience as a Social Media intern, I am familiar with tracking and analyzing what platforms are beneficial for which promotions. I also began to love the concept of hashtags because they can be used on several different social media platforms. Therefore, I am providing some options and will track which platform rallies the best promotion! On Instagram, I would like you to use the hashtag, #ADayOnMyPlate which was part of a challenge I posed in one of my first blog posts where you show what you have eaten all day long. This is perfect for instagram because it requires pictures! Interactive promotions seem to have a benefit for both parties, where I would be receiving promotion and others would be participating in a fun and unique challenge (maybe in the future there will be a prize associated!) I am not a fan of twitter because I find that your promotions get lost very quickly amongst the millions of other tweets on your newsfeed. At the same time, this may be beneficial if you have someone working for you who can promote your blog all day long. Twitter allows you to post short blurbs very frequently, however some may consider this “spam” and may unfollow you very quickly. On twitter I think it is necessary to have two or more hashtags, again because of how easy it is to get lost in the newsfeed. I would like to see #WholesomeHabits and #HealthyHappyHolistic to be used in order to promote the overarching theme of my blog. So, get on those social media platforms and get promoting! In a few weeks I will check back and see which hashtags and which platforms have been the most successful in promoting my blog! Thank you all for your help and support!

6 thoughts on “Healthy Collaboration

  1. I think using Instagram as a promoting medium is perfect for your blog along with the hashtag #ADayOnMyPlate. Since it’s about food and healthy living, Instagram fits those criteria in almost every single way. The reward coming after the promotional posts is a great idea and great incentive for followers to promote your page! I think I’ll partake in your challenge because fitness is a big part of my lifestyle and they both go hand-in-hand.


  2. As you pointed out in your post on my blog, it would be a little counterintuitive for me to promote your blog because of the sheer gluttony of mine. Even so, I agree that Instagram is a great way to promote our blogs, especially because they have a visual focus. #Adayonmyplate would be a great way of promoting your blog, and is a movement that seems to be working out well for other fitness/ healthy habits pages. By using this hashtag, it would definitely attract the type of crowd that you’re looking to engage! I think you should definitely get it going. In the future, I will try to include more deserts/ dishes that are nutritious!


  3. The thing about food is that it is super attractive! That being said, I think Instagram is a great social media for a food focused site, especially because healthy food tend to have beautiful colors. Also, hashtags of course are a great tool, and I believe giving the best promotion for products! Nice job.

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  4. Using Instagram for your blog, Wholesome Habits, is a great social media platform to help promote your blog. Like you said, your blog is primarily about food and people love and want to see pictures of food before making a recipe or eating it. Having a hashtag is also incredibly important for promoting a blog.


  5. Instagram would surely be the best option for your blog promotion goals. This is because IG is the go to site for user pictures, which your food would appeal in a significant way. Hashtags also add a world of value, because your posts would come up so easily.

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  6. Great Post! I think your blog would fit perfect for using Instagram especially because it is all about fitness and eating healthy. Nowadays Instagram is full of fitness models and people making easy healthy food recipes so your blog fits perfectly into that category. Using hashtags for your blog would be the easiest way to communicate with readers and would be very efficient when trying to find your blog.


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