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Doge Meme

Me when I see junk food!

Memes are hilarious! And they are a great way to attract attention to your blog. For the most part, blogs tend to be very light hearted and are usually about things that we enjoy, or things that make us happy, or things we just like to talk about. I think a little humor can always be used to draw in more followers because who doesn’t like to laugh every now and then? Using memes in my blog is beneficial because it allows my reach to be expanded. By using this meme I am able to tag different things and thus reaching a new category of followers. This meme specifically helps my blog because it helps define who I am as a person (a dog lover) but is also able to tie back into the theme of my blog (WholesomeHabits).

I found this “doge” meme on and thought it was perfect for my blog for several reasons. 1) Its SOO adorable, 2) I LOVE dogs and 3)this is literally my face when I see junk food… All in all, I thought it would be a great way to add a little humor and a get more people to look at my blog.

I have never heard of this Know Your Meme website, but I think it is a really great concept. Especially after talking about collaboration and cooperation, I think this site serves as a way to give credit where credit is due as far as these “famous pictures”. The thing about the internet is that things spread so quickly and once you post something, it is out there forever. People will immediately copy it, or change is slightly to make it their own. Either way, this website allows the proper people to receive credit for the original photo.

For example, this super popular “doge” meme actually came from a Japanese man named Atsuko Sato who rescued and was having a photoshot with this dog. He posted the original pictures on his blog and within a few nights this very photo went viral. I am not sure if it is the fluffy face, or the raised eyebrows, but either way it is quite comical! I can now shame all my friends by asking them where this meme came from if they ever use it for themselves!

Overall, I love memes and I think they add a lot of character and personality when used properly. If a picture says 1000 words, what does a meme say?!

5 thoughts on “Doge Meme

  1. I agree these doge meme are so funny and popular! I recently just commented on someone else’s blog who used a doge meme as well. Anyways, I think your meme fits your blog perfectly! Whenever I hear there’s food or my roommates want to go get food, that is the exact face I make! Great job!


  2. This meme is defiantly one of the popular memes. It’s so funny because that is exactly my face when I see junk food. It adds humor to your blog and I’m sure many other people can relate to it. Great choice of meme!


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