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Legally Letting You Know…

I searched “Healthy Eating on a Budget” into the Creative Commons Search Engine and found this awesome YouTube video that breaks down your weekly shopping list and explains how you can get everything you need for less than $40! Yep, you read that right! This video directly relates to my blog WholesomeHabits because I stress the importance of healthy living and eating. Some of the most common excuses I hear for why people do not eat healthy is 1) because it is too difficult and 2) it is too expensive. While it is unfortunately true that America’s economy decides we should pay MORE for non-processed and healthy foods, it is possible to eat healthy on a tight budget and this video shows you how!

sarah fit

This video is a part of Youtuber Sarah Fit’s health series and is okay for me to use on my blog according to the Fair Use Checklist for the following reasons:

  • The Purpose: This video was found because of my research to find videos discussing healthy eating and is directly related to classroom use.
  • The Nature: This video was published on her Youtube Channel specifically for people to watch and share. It is factual and educational based on my objectives.
  • The Amount: This video is just a small quantity of everything she has to offer. There are many other videos on her page that would offer additional information and the length of the video I used is appropriate for the education purpose.
  • The Effect: Because of the nature of Youtube and how many subscribers she has, this is the only copy of the video and to my knowledge there are no legalities or copyright issues for this original piece of work. While there are other similar videos out there, they are not copyrighted either, making this video acceptable for use.

After finding this, I did some additional research and found even more information and videos on healthy eating on a budget. This has inspired my next blog post, and will be up within this week so keep an eye out! Until next time, Namaste!

10 thoughts on “Legally Letting You Know…

  1. Wow, how awesome that you found a video that related so directly to your blog! It took me a little bit to find something I could actually use, because I found Creative Commons to be limiting in the results it provided (at least for my subjects). I’ll definitely check that video out!


    1. Creative Commons is not the most inclusive search engine out there. It could possible be because of the nature of your blog. I feel like music/entertainment/photos are much harder to find because most of those are copyrighted materials. It did take me a little while to find this, so just keep searching! Good luck

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  2. This is awesome! I love going on a Whole Foods shopping spree as much as the next person, but it’s seriously the struggle as a student. I can definitely appreciate this because healthy eating is something that I feel is very important to an overall balanced lifestyle. It was creative that you actually searched for something that would give you concrete results.. I literally just typed in Italian pastries lol. Regardless, what a great find! Love how you always put useful stuff up on your blog!


  3. I agree with everyone else^, it’s great you can find a video directly related to your blog especially with the changing trends in America towards healthier diets and fitness. I also 100% agree with you that it really is unfortunate (so dumb) that we pay more for unprocessed and organic foods. Nevertheless, there are always solutions to eating healthier that don’t cost a fortune (especially for students!). I admit that it’s hard for me to stay on track with my diet and logging everything I eat on MyFitnessPal (lol), but if it weren’t for fitness and the research done on cleaner foods, I would be in left field without any knowledge of the benefits of eating clean.


    1. MyFitnessPal is a great tool to help monitor what you eat! I started using it a while ago, but have not been keeping up with it recently…. Maybe I should start using it again! Thanks for the comments (:


  4. As we progress further into this trend of fitness culture, it makes me happy to see the change being implemented by those of all ages. Your blog is becoming increasingly informative, which is a huge help to those looking to make a difference in their lives. Also, you explained very well as to why you are able to use the video and share it with us.


    1. I also love the increasing trend of health and fitness and I agree that getting people started at a younger age is definitely beneficial! Thanks for your comments (:


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