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Peanutize Me!

Like many others I thought this assignment was so much fun! I felt like I was young again creating characters to play as on the computer. I used to always try and make them look like me, so I really enjoyed turning myself into a Peanut and Powerpuff Girl. Its every girls dream come true! LOL!

Anyway, I was really surprised at how many options there were to choose from on both websites. The Peanutize Me site actually had the exact pair of glasses I wear. Well maybe not exactly, but they were pretty darn close. This site also had a great selection of outfits! I would actually wear what I am wearing as this character, in real life. It was adorable that the background I wanted to use actually put Snoopy right next to me because my dog is my best friend! This made perfect sense and matched who I was very well!

The Powerpuff site was also great! While it did not give you as much of a selection as far as style and color, there were a lot of pre-set outfits and other settings to choose from. Again, I found a similar pair of glasses and an outfit that I would actually wear which was really cool. They also had a dog that I could put next to myself… so I obviously did! I really liked that this site gave me a few options for what I wanted to download after it was complete. You had the option of a plain background avatar, using a selected background as wallpaper (which I did) or a gif with a cool animated background.

Here are both side by side:

profile-picture-1460235233    wallpaper

Like I said, I feel like these really capture the essence of who I am! lol!! This is also a great promotional tool for the both of these shows and movies because it actually made me want to watch them! By giving the fans a fun, interactive way to transform themselves into Peanuts or Powerpuff girls, it makes them feel connected to the show! It really took me back to the time when I used to watch Peanuts and the Powerpuff Girls! Overall, this assignment was a lot of fun and I was really impressed with all of the options and interactive features you could add to these characters.

9 thoughts on “Peanutize Me!

  1. I agree this assignment was really fun! Miss those days :(. But yours came out well! Now I want to try Peanutize me, I just did a powerpuff girl. It definitely is a great promotional tool for them!


  2. Awesome job on both, I can see their similarities but also differences all of which represent both sides of you! PPG used to me one of my favorite shows as a kid- don’t know how I feel about it coming back! Good job on the assignment, I agree it was fun!


  3. I enjoyed this assignment too! It felt like I was a kid again. I love how your characters came out! You brought up a great point about how it can be a promotional tool for the shows.


  4. That’s really cool that you decided to post both and they both came out really well. I did not check the Powderpuff Girls site but I see that you took full advantage. Nice job on this assignment. And apparently the Powderpuff Girls are supposed to have new episodes coming soon. Just saw the commercial today actually. What a throwback.


  5. Your cartoon rendering of yourself came out great! I also agree that the marketing team of Cartoon Network won big with this one. The nostalgia of these shows is due to the success of the “powderpuff yourself” trend, which is awesome.


  6. The cartoons which represent yourself came out excellent. I liked the fact that you mentioned that the two sites serve as a great promotional tool, which make you want to watch the show along with providing a unique way to create cartoons.


  7. I feel like this assignment was awesome in the way that it gave us all momentary throwbacks to the ’90s. It was almost like a combination of being a little kid and having the best cartoons to watch that made the ’90s such an awesome time. I like how you did the side-by-side comparison of the two cartoons and that they both have dogs next to you haha. The younger kids growing up in this tech age are definitely the target audience so this is a great promotional activity done well.


  8. These came out so cute! The powderpuff girl is spitting image of you. I can definitely agree with you that after making these I wanted to go and watch Powderpuff girls and the Peanut series I have back at home. It was a kind of nostalgic assignment that brought back my memories form my younger years. Greta job!


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