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Share Away!

The best thing about social media sites such as blogs is that the information can be shared through many different channels and it is super easy to do. Several of our readings have mentioned how easy it is for people to share digital media and thus causes a growing concern of copyright issues. I have listed a few ways that you can help share my content without any concerns of plagiarism or lawsuits!

  1. Word of Mouth: The easiest way to share things is by talking about them. If anything related to healthy lifestyles comes up in conversation, just refer them to my blog for more information! Simply speaking about it is not the most effective method of sharing my blog, however it is an option that will generate a few new views on my page.word of mouth
  2. Tag Me in your Posts: Tagging is a great way to share content. Either through hashtags, blog tags, or tagging the specific blog in the comments of another blog will allow other people see your name and page. To add, this is something you can do to promote your own blog by commenting on other people’s blogs, more people will see your name and will potentially view your profile.tag me
  3. Use Hashtags in the comments section: This is an additional suggestion that has to do with hashtags and will help draw even more attention to my blog. By using additional hashtags in the comments section any tags that I missed will then be connected to my blog.hashtag
  4. Share via Social Media sites: I have mentioned the effectiveness of this in a previous blog post but it deserves repeating. Social media has a HUGE reach and by simultaneously using platforms such as WordPress, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you extend your reach exponentially! If you all could share my blog on any or all of your own platforms that will reach a whole new audience than just my followers.

These are definitely not the only ways to share digital media, however for my blog these seemed the most relevant and effective. Obviously everyone wants to be recognized for their work, and the more people that have access to it, the higher the chance that it will get noticed. So, share away my friends and followers and count on me to do the same!!

Until next time, keep it wholesome!

2 thoughts on “Share Away!

  1. Your post shows the strong grasp and understanding you have upon sharing your work, at a credible level. I like the fact that you mention this can be done through the “word of mouth” at the basic level, and I feel as people often forget this channel for promotion within our current day society controlled by technology. Nice Job.


  2. Great post! finding different ways to share information about your blogs to other is key! I feel like people are always looking for the best ways to stay healthy and fit all while remaining to have a fun and healthy lifestyle so your blog will definitely come up in conversations by many! I


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