About Me

Namaste! My name is Melissa & I am 21 years old and live in New Brunswick, NJ with my boyfriend and 2 year old puppy, Luna B. Jones. They are the best part of my life and most of the reason I choose to live a healthy lifestyle!

My best friend LBJ


My other half and I on New Years Eve


I have been interested in healthy and holistic living options since I was about 15 years old, because my mom would buy only all-natural and organic fruits and vegetables. Eventually that increased to her buying only grass-fed and local meats and cheeses as well! I really did not mind because I found that the food tasted SO much better. I felt nourished and comfortable after I ate… rather than just plain stuffed! As her abilities to cook and prepare healthy food increased, so did my interest in the topic of really healthy food!

Previous to coming to Rutgers, I did gymnastics for 15 years and this is really where my passion for working out and eating healthy came from. I enjoyed learning more about how to be healthier and get even stronger. Obviously, coming to Rutgers really inhibited me from eating the best, but I with a little more discipline and focus, I found ways to make it work!

I look forward to learning more about this topic as well as sharing what I already know about holistic options with everyone!