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How’s the “fit”?

I have done quiet a bit of exploring in terms of similar blogs because being healthy and fit is something I am very interested in. That being said, my blog definitely fits in with some of my other favorite blogs but is also very unique to me. Similar blogs include: Kelsey Wells, My Sweat Life and Kayla Itsine’s blog. These two have been my inspiration from the very beginning and Kayla’s BBG (Bikini Body Guide) is the whole reason I started working out in the first place (More on this in a future post!) Anyway, the information provided on these blogs resembles mine because they are not about just one way to be healthy. These blogs, similar to mine, include healthy meals, workouts, detoxes, favorite workout clothes etc. It is an all encompassing blog about being healthy and fit. The bright colors add to all of our blogs making them fun and energetic. They must be positive because it is about being healthy after all! Another similarity I have noticed between many other blogs is the frequency that they post. While their blogs may be a lifestyle for them, I noticed most bloggers post about 1-2 times per week. This is important to note because you do not want to overwhelm your followers by posting irrelevant information too often.

A few differences I have noticed is my lack of professionalism on my blog. It is evident whose blog is more professional and whose blog is just starting. I do not think this is an issue because mine is, of course, for a class which has different requirements than if I were just creating a blog on my own time. I think that my blog brings something different to the table though. By having to post class work assignments I am broadening my “fan base” by providing them with more information. My blog brings more than just health and fitness by incorporating technology and digital communications into it! I think this is really cool. My blog also adds an amateur’s opinion to the conversation. While I have not been educated in the medical or health field, I have done my own research and post about my interpretations of what I have read and experienced. I think this brings a different perspective by showing that everyone can be interested in anything. If you have a passion for it, nothing should stop you from researching and exploring it for yourself!

I am really proud of how far my blog as come, especially when comparing it to all of the other blogs out there that have served as my inspiration for so long!

6 thoughts on “How’s the “fit”?

  1. I like how you added in specific examples of blogs you compare yourself to, and it’s really cool that one truly inspired you! I definitely think your blog is coming along really well, and I agree in that the digital aspect adds something unique to all of our blogs.


  2. I like how you used several blogs as inspiration. You brought up how one should notice the frequency of the posts posted. It is important to keep the audience engaged without overwhelming them with irrelevant details.


  3. Good point about your blog expanding your fan base. Although you may think your blog is less professional than some others, you have the potential to reach more readers because of the variety of content you post. This can help you monetize your blog, get sponsors, etc. Good post!


  4. I had no idea that you were into BBG! I definitely think the movement is awesome. I have to say, I disagree with some of her dieting techniques, but I think the workouts are awesome. It definitely inspired me to become more into my fitness too. I think your blog definitely fits in with those blogs, and you have shared some really useful tips on here! Good comparisons for sure!


    1. I love finding other BBG girls! I recently joined RWJ gym and I am always seeing other women doing her circuits and it makes it more fun to do it with someone. I also do not follow her diet plans, but I love the workouts! I am glad you enjoy my blog!


  5. It’s great that you’re proud of how far you’ve come in term of being a blogger. You seem really into what you’re writing about and that’s what’s important about being a blogger–that you care about the content you share with others. Hope you keep writing after class ends! If you haven’t taken the class already, I’d really recommend taking Food & Health with Professor Quadro &/or Hirsch (I have them together this semester). They talk a lot about food, health, exercise and good dieting. I think you’d find it really helpful. Best of luck!


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